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Men's sweater sky blue wool and cashmere Fursac - A2TSHE-TA35-D006
Men's sweater Fursac - A2TSHE-TA35-D006
Men's sky blue sweater Fursac - A2TSHE-TA35-D006
Men's wool and cashmere sweater Fursac - A2TSHE-TA35-D006
Men's blue, navy blue wool and cashmere sweater Fursac - A2TSHE-TA35-D006

fall-winter 23/24 collection

Wool and cashmere sweater

Color Sky blue
  • Wool and cashmere sweater - A2TSHE-TA35-D006
  • Wool and cashmere sweater - A2TSHE-TA35-H014
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Wool and cashmere sweater

  • Fine wool
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Mens sweater 90% wool and 10% cashmere
  • Hand wash
  • Model: size m, 1,89 m tall


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Supplied by goats from the Kashmir region, located between India, Pakistan and China, this prestigious wool owes its shimmering reputation to a particularly fine and silky fibre. A goat can provide only 50 to 130 grams of pure wool every spring and it takes the down of six beasts to make a single good quality cashmere sweater.


The term denotes a type of sleeve that starts at the collar and joins the underarm. Wider than a conventional sleeve, it was invented by Lord Raglan, a British officer who lost his arm during the battle of Waterloo and wanted to put his coat on without constraint. The chic man in a hurry has him to thank.