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Men's ties

More traditional than a bow tie (but just as elegant), the men's tie is a must-have for every man's wardrobe. Whether for everyday or special occasions, a men's tie is the one detail that makes all the difference.


The men's tie: making men modern and chic

Ties are perfect for adding a touch of personal style and flair to suits. Blue ties for business meetings, burgundy ties for festive events, knitted ties, polka dot ties, silk ties...Fursac has men's ties for all your needs and tastes. 

Don't be fooled by its serious nature: the men's tie can also be wonderfully carefree. Show off your unique style with a colorful or patterned tie from Fursac. After all, it doesn't have to be plain to be elegant. Why not opt for a men's tie with stripes or polka dots to match your shirt and suit trousers



 A men's tie for every occasion

With widths of 6 or 8 cm (2.4 or 3.1 in), our men's ties are ideal for every outfit and occasion. Choose the tie that speaks to you the most and lets you express your personality. As for the knot, it depends on the width of your men's tie, as well as its length, thickness and the collar of your shirt. If your men's tie is quite wide, then opt for the "half-Windsor" knot. If your tie is slim, a "four-in-hand" knot will be better. 


Our men's ties embody the know-how and values of our brand: elegance, craftsmanship and timelessness, with that extra something that makes us unique. Like everything else in our collections, they are created with both passion and precision, and play an important role in the Fursac man's sophisticated, immaculate and undeniably French wardrobe.