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Men's sock blue egyptian cotton Fursac - D2SOCK-VA17-37
Men's sock Fursac - D2SOCK-VA17-37
Men's blue sock Fursac - D2SOCK-VA17-37

Blue egyptian cotton socks

40 EUR-30%28 EUR
Color Blue
  • Blue egyptian cotton socks - D2SOCK-VA17-37
  • Black ribbed eyptian cotton socks - D2SOCK-VA17-20
  • Grey ribbed eyptian cotton socks - D2SOCK-VA17-27
  • Navy blue ribbed eyptian cotton socks - D2SOCK-VA17-30
  • Red egyptian cotton socks - D2SOCK-VA17-71
  • Egyptian cotton socks - D2SOCK-VA17-A001
  • Egyptian cotton socks - D2SOCK-VA17-H014
  • Egyptian cotton socks - D2SOCK-VA17-E006
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Blue egyptian cotton socks

  • Lisle yarn
  • Fursac marking on the sole
  • Mens socks 100% egyptian cotton
  • Machine washable


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Blue egyptian cotton socks

40 EUR-30%28 EUR

Egyptian cotton

Cultivated in the Nile valley since the 12th century BC, this brilliant, solid and soft fabric has fibres twice the length of other cotton varieties. Highly absorbent it allows for the production of jackets and shirts whose dye lasts for longer than with other categories of cotton.