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Size guide Shirts

The measurements given correspond to those taken on the body. To take your measurements correctly, we invite you to follow the indications below.

Shirts measurements

Fursac size 37/S 38/S 39/M 40/M 41/L 42/L 43/XL 44/XL 45/XXL
Neck size in cm 37/38 38 39/40 40 41/42 42 43/44 44 45/46
Chest size in cm 102/104 102/104 106/108 106/108 112/114 112/114 114/118 120/124 136/140
Waist size in cm 90/100 90/100 94/104 94/104 100/110 100/110 112/118 112/118 136

Shirt conversions

FR/IT/EU 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45
UK/US 14 14,5 15 15,5 15,5 16 16,5 17 17,5 18

Our business shirts have a slim fit with a well-defined waist, for a more formal style.


For this measurement, circle the largest circumference of your neck – level with the Adam’s apple – using the tape, and make sure you leave a finger’s width of space between the skin and the tape.

Chest circumference:

Stand up straight, hold the tape measure perfectly horizontally beneath the pectorals, and then pass the tape around the torso to make the measurement. Ensure that the tape isn’t too loose, but that likewise it isn’t crushing your chest.


Wrap the tape measure horizontally around your natural waistline beteween your last rib and your navel. The tape measure should sit snugly against your body, but should not be pulled too tight.

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